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Our Experience in the Irish Brigade

by Andrew W. Vandall

Paperback, 277 pages. A book of letters from Aaron and Allen Landis who joined the 116th Pennsylvania Infantry in the summer of 1862. Part of the most revered federal brigades in the Army of the Potomac. These letters share their unique experiences from the exhilaration of battle to camp frolic and fireside revelry. Item A8 -- $22.00


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Melting Pot Soldiers - The Union's Ethnic Regiments

By William L. Burton, paperback, 250 pg. In 1861, in most states in the North, there were large populations of emigrants whose leaders were active in American politics at loca, state and national levels. Ethnic politicians worked hard to recruit young men into regiments based upon their country of origin. This book looks at those recruiting efforts, mostly directed at German and Irish emigranst, but also Scandinavian and Scottish.



Commanding Boston's Irish Ninth - The Civil War Letters of Colonel Patrick R. Guiney, Ninth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

Ed. by Christian G. Smito, 310 pg. Guiney's letters reveal the experiences and thoughts of an Irish Catholic soldier and the hidden tensions among the Irish emigrant community during the Civil War.

$21.95 softcover

$32.95 hardcover


Kelly's Heroes - The Irish Brigade at Gettysburg

By T.L. Murphy, paperback, 65 pg. The goal of the book is to shed a little light on the men and monuments of the Irish Brigade at Gettysburg. Contains photos and maps.



Invisible Hero, Patrick R. Cleburne

By Bruce H. Stewart, Jr. , hardback, 358 pgs. In comparison with the Army of Northern Virginia, Confederated generals who served in the West have received minimal attention, particularly the infantry commander Pat Cleburne. This book gives careful analysis of his service, and the result is a man unappreciated by his own government, yet widely regarded as the finest infantry officer in the Western Theatre.



The Irish Brigades 1685-2006

By David Murphy, hardback, 303 pgs. Since the 17th century, Irish soldiers have served in armies across the world, and have achieved a formidable reputation. This book provides summarized histories of all Irish Regiments raised since 1685 - not only those in Irish and British armies, but those in the service of Spain, Austria, Italy, France, America, Canada, Central and South America and South Africa.



Gettysburg 1863, High Tide of the Confederacy

By Carl Smith, paperback, 126 pgs. The Confederate invasion of the North was General Lee's last great gamble. By taking the war to the Union, he hoped to force Lincoln into peace negotiation, or win support from European powers.



Our Experience in the Irish Brigade

By Andrew W. Vandall, paperback, 277 pgs. A book of letters from Aaron and Allen Landis who joined the 116th Pennsylvania Infantry in the summer of 1862. Part of the most revered federal brigades in the Army of the Potomac. These letters share their unique experiences from the exhilaration of battle to camp frolic and fireside revelry.



Remember Fontenoy - The 69th New York and the Irish Brigade in the Civil War

By Joseph S. Bilby, hardback, 143pg. The motto "Remember Fontenoy" is derived from the unstoppable bayonet charge, in 1775, by a French army brigade of Irish exiles against the British.



The Irish Brigade and Its Campaigns

By Capt D. P. Conygham, hardback, 599 pg. A complete Civil War history of the Irish Brigade, written by someone who was there. This book is considered, by most, the best on Irish Brigade history.



A Meteor Shining Brightly: Essays on Maj. General Patrick R. Cleburne

NEW! Collection of essays, hardback, 310pg. Nine writers and historians contribute essays on the life and character of Maj. Gen. Patrick Cleburne a division Commander in the Confederate Army of Tennessee. He was killed at the battle of Franklin.



The History of the Ninth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

By Daniel George Macnamara. Paperback, 425 pages, roster included. When the Civil War erupted, more than 1,000 Irish Americans cast aside their reservations and formed the Ninth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry regiment, the first of that state's ethnic regiments.



The Story of the 116th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion

By St. Clair A. Mulholland, Hardback, 420 pgs. A regimental history, with roster, written by it's famous commander. Mulholland was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions at Chancellorsville. The 116th Pennsylvania was no ordinary regiment. For two hard years it fought with Thomas Francis Meagher's celebrated Irish Brigade of the Army of the Potomac.



Irish Green and Union Blue

Ed. by Lawrence Kohl, 170 pgs paperback. The Civil War letters of Sgt. Peter Welsh of the 28th Massachusetts, Irish Brigade. These letters, written to his wife, show his love and concern for her and his deep patriotic devotion to his country and the war cause. Very seldom does one come across so inspiring a volumne. It belongs in every Irish-American library.



Vermont's Irish Rebel, Capt. John Lonergan

By William L. McKone, paperback. NEW! Lonergan formed Vermont's only ethnic unit - his "Irish Company" - to fight for the Union, and was awarded the Medal of Honor for gallantry at the crucial Battle of Gettysburg. After the war, he rose to leadership in the militant nationalist Fenian Brotherhood in Vermont.



Thomas Francis Meagher, The Making of an Irish American

Ed. by John M. Hearne and Rory T. Cornish, paperback, 243 pgs. The entire life of this Irish-American patriot is covered, from his young family life in Waterford Ireland, to Young Ireland and Rising of '48, to Australia, to his days in New York, to the Civil War, and finally to the Montana Territory.



Memoirs of Chaplain Life, 3 Years with the Irish Brigade in the Army of the Potomac

Ed. by Lawrence Frederick Kohl, hardback, 400 pgs. Several Holy Cross priests from the University of Notre Dame volunteered to serve as Union Army chaplains during the American Civil War. Among them was Rev. William J. Corby, CSC, who ministered to the 5 regiments from New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia, comprised mostly of Irish Catholics, making up what was known as the Irish Brigade.



The Harp and the Eagle, Irish-American Volunteers and the Union Army, 1861-1865

By Susannah Ural Bruce, 264 pgs, paperback. This book sheds new light on the relationship between Irish-American volunteers and the Union Army, and how the Irish made sense of both the Civil War and their loyalty to the United States.



The Irish General, Thomas Francis Meagher

By Paul R. Wylie, 331 pgs, paperback. Irish patriot, Civil War general, frontier governor- Thomas Francis Meagher played key roles in 3 major historical arenas and is hailed today as a hero by some, condemned as a drunkard by others. This book now offers a definitive biography of this nineteenth-century figure who has long remained an enigma.



Green, Blue and Grey, The Irish in the American Civil War

By Cal McCarthy, paperback. Many Irishmen made the supreme sacrifice in Union blue and Confederate grey. They fought at Fredericksburg, Antietam and Gettysburg- battles which became an important part of American history. The Irish helped to shape the America we know today.



God Help the Irish! The History of the Irish Brigade

By Phillip Thomas Tucker, paperback. This is a brief but informative history of the Irish Brigade. The author emphasizes the lives and experiences of the individual Irish soldiers, fighting in the ranks of the Brigade, supplying a better understanding of the Irish Brigade and why it became one of the elite combat units of the Civil War.



Irish Confederates, The Civil War’s Forgotten Soldiers

By Phillip Thomas Tucker, paperback. This is a brief story of the Irish who fought for the Confederacy from 1861-1865. Irish Confederates made invaluable contributions to all aspects of the war effort. Yet, the Irish have largely been the forgotten soldiers of the South.



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